Kalachakra Bodhgaya

Kalachakra 2017 in Bodhgaya, Thank you, everyone, for a successful event!


His Holiness will be giving the Kalachakra at the request of the Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration.

During the first three days of the Kalachakra 2017, From January 3 to 5 Jan, His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with the monks of Namgyal Monastery and senior lamas conducted rituals to prepare and consecrate the venue. These include chanting of prayers, creation of the sand mandala and other rituals.

From January 6 to 8, His Holiness gave preliminary teachings on Shantideva's, a guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life (chodjug) and Kamalashila's The Middling States of Meditation (gomrim barpa).

On January 9, the Kalachakra 2017 Ritual Dance performed by the monks of Namgyal Monastery.

His Holiness confer the Kalachakra Initiation from January 10 to 13.

On January 14, a long life empowerment (tsewang) and a ceremony offering prayers for the long life to H.H Dalai Lama.


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Kalachakra 2017 tours Bodhgaya

Along with Kalachakra Teachings and Blessings, We also have the provision to extend Kalachakra 2017 to pilgrimage (Kalachakra extends Pilgrimage tour) at Lumbini (Birth Place of the Buddha), Sarnath (Place of Buddha first teaching), Kushinagar (Place of Buddha Mahaparinibbana), Bodhgaya (Place of Buddha Enlightment) Rajgir and many other interesting places.

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