Kalachakra Bodhgaya

kalachakra Tour with Prof Dr Lobzang Tsewang

Kalachakra Tour

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This sacred tour of 14 night 15 days Buddhist pilgrimages includes attending the 34th Kalachakra Teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Bodhgaya in India from 2nd  to 15th Jan 2017 with Prof. Dr. Lobzang Tsewang Translator to H.H The Dalai Lama and expert on Buddhism.


The Kalachakra Tour 2017 Experience:

  • We will spend 14 nights and 15 days together and keeping a mindfulness practice and having a discussions on the teachings to gain a deeper and collective understanding of them.
  • To Attend the Dalai Lama’s teachings and receive a genuine introduction to Buddhism.
  • To Attend the Kalachakra initiation in the most holy Buddhist location
  • Special interaction session with Rinpoche.
  • Every Evening Teaching Review and Discussion with Prof. Dr Lobzang Tsewang.
  • Guided pilgrimage to the sacred Buddhist sites of Varanasi, Sarnath, Rajgir, Bodhgaya, and Nalanda.
  • Participate in Chod Prayer session with group of monks.
  • Meeting and private consultation with Female Tibetan traditional doctor (Amchi) Tenzin Lundup.


3 Jan ay 01 : Delhi.
Arrival in Delhi and check into the hotel.

4 Jan Day 02 : Fly from Delhi to Varanasi by air
Varanasi also known as the ‘City of Light’, and the sacred Ganges River. Varanasi is one of the holiest places in India and is considered by Hindus to be a most auspicious place to die. The old city of Varanasi, where spirituality and commerce mingle, is a maze of narrow streets shared with pilgrims, locals, sacred cows and Hindu sadhus (holy men).

Ghats along the river are teeming with people, sounds and enormous activity. . Varanasi is also renowned for its rich tapestry of music, arts, crafts and education. Some of the world renowned exponents India has produced in these fields were schooled in Varanasi’s cultural ethos.

Luminaries apart, Varanasi abounds in the art of silk weaving, an exotic work of art which manifests itself in precious Banarasi Silk Sarees and Silk brocades which are cherished as collector’s items across the world today.

Evening meeting with fellow Pilgrimages.

5 Jan Day 03 : Varanasi / Sarnath
Our pilgrimage to Sarnath, where the Buddha gave his first teachings to his first 5 disciples on the Middle Way, the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and Non-self thereby ‘turning the wheel of the law’.

We will also visit the fine archaeological museum, which houses the Ashoka pillar and the Lion capital from the 3rd century BC and the famous teaching Buddha from the 5th century AD.

Back to hotel and hot lunch in hotel.

Evening Introduction to Kalachakra; In this discussion sessions, Prof. Dr Lobzang Tsewang will present the origins of Kalachakra, its connection with the Land of Shambhala and the history of Kalachakra in Tibet and Himalaya region. Also we have question and answer session.

6 Jan Day 04: Varanasi to Bodhgaya by Road
Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous as it is the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment under what became known as the Bodhi Tree.

For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha. In 2002, Mahabodhi Temple, located in Bodh Gaya, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Early morning departure to Gaya. Visit to the Kalachakra Maiden (GROUND) and Mahabodhi Temple.

The Mahabodhi Temple is one of the earliest Buddhist temples built in brick that still survives today. The ground level of the temple is 45 meters square, stretching up in a pyramid shape that ends in a smaller square platform. The central tower of Mahabodhi stands 180 feet (54 meters) tall. The brickwork on the outside of the temple depicts scenes from the life of the Buddha.

Inside the temple is a colossal image of a seated Buddha touching the earth with his right hand (a gesture known as the earth-witness mudra). In this posture the Buddha accomplished the supreme enlightenment. The statue is of black stone but it has been covered in gold and dressed in bright orange robes.

The courtyard of the temple is studded with many smaller stupas and Buddha statues, some of which are several hundred years old. Parts of the railing that surrounds the area are among the oldest elements of Mahabodhi Temple that survive today.

Next to the Mahabodhi Temple is the Bodhi Tree, a descendent of the very tree under which the Buddha was enlightened, and the Jewel Walk, marking the place where the Buddha is said to have practiced walking meditation for seven days after his enlightenment.

7 Jan Day 05 : Bodhgaya
Preliminary Teachings – Day 1, Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.

8 Jan Day 06 : Bodhgaya
Preliminary Teachings – Day 2, Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.

9 Jan Day 07 : Bodhgaya
Preliminary Teachings – Day 3, Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.

10 Jan Day 08 : Nalanda, Rajgir, Pawapuri.

11 Jan Day 09 : Bodhgaya
Students Preparation (Preliminary Initiation). Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.

12 Jan Day 10 : Bodhgaya
Kalachakra Initiation (Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.)

13 Jan Day 11 : Bodhgaya
Kalachakra Initiation (Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.)

14 Jan Day 12 : Bodhgaya
Kalachakra Initiation (Overview of the morning teachings in the late afternoon.)

15 Jan Day 13 : Bodhgaya
Long Life Empowerment for the Public and Long Life Ceremony for His Holiness Dalai lama. Evening closing ceremony of Kalachakra tour 2017 and farewell party.

16 Jan Day 14 : Bodhgaya – Gaya – Delhi
Morning Fly to Delhi and evening fly back to your Home.


Price Include

  • Domestic flights Delhi- Varanasi and Gaya-Delhi
  • 10 nights accommodation in full board in Gaya 3/4Stars hotel. (based on double room).
  • 2 nights accommodation in Delhi in 3/4 stars hotel.
  • 2 Night accommodation in Varanasi 3/4 stars hotel
  • Transfers to and from Delhi Airport.
  • Breakfast in Delhi.
  • Guidance of Prof. Dr Lobzang Tsewang.
  • Local English speaking guide.
  • All attractions and entrance fees as per itinerary
  • All the Transportation for itinerary bases.
  • one mineral bottle per day

Price Excludes

  • Airfares to and from India (International Flight)
  • Indian visas
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory)
  • Lunch and Dinner at Delhi
  • Personal expenditure
  • Tips to Guide, Driver and staff of hotel.

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