Kalachakra teaching and initiation

About us

Kalachakra Tours is owned and managed by Soulful Tours.
Soulful Tours specializes in handcrafted spiritual tour and retreats

Soulful Tours is one of the leading Spiritual travel industries now. We are recognized as spiritual tour operator by the Government. A soulful tour is passionate for its retreat services and really proud to have served a lot of customers from many countries such as Europe, America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and South East Asia. We also have wonderful customers from India and the list​is growing.

Why Us: We are specialized in spiritual tours for over 5 years. Our tours include many spiritual activities such as, Meditation, yoga, visiting Buddhist monasteries and sacred sites in India, and get to know in depth by discussing with our experienced guide and elite philosophers. Our area of operation includes India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Our main motto is to imbibe happiness and mindfulness in everyday living by learning the ways of life. We empower spiritual journeys so to connect with your authentic self within you and open your heart to the greater glory of life. With a smile of contentment from our customers, there is growing numbers of spiritual visitors year by year.

Our services

  • Professional team members and elite philosophers to guide you throughout.
  • Specialized in tailor made or be spoke Spiritual soulful tour.
  • Within 24/48 hours we’ll revert to you.
  • 24/7 availability, through mail and telephonic conversation our enquiry team will be at your service round the clock.
  • We provide assistant and management of your bookings and reservations for hotels, flights, train and car rentals etc.
  • We manage for you a fleet of deluxe and luxury transportation for Individuals, Families and Groups.

Tenzin Tsogyal founder of Kalachakra Tours and Soulful Tours

Tenzin Tsogyal is from Leh Ladakh, the 4th child in a family of 6 children. Since young Tsogyal developed a keen interest in the travel industry working part time as a tour guide while attending school. In 2010 Tsogyal joined Thomas Cook Travel and specialized in conducting tours in Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

Tsogyal has led a variety of trips from trekking in breath taking mountainous Himalayan terrain to cultural and heritage visits to meditation and yoga. In 2014,Tsogyal spearheaded Kalachakra Tour with a team of four in Leh Ladakh which led to a successful international sign up. Participants from around the world enjoyed a seamless door to door travel arrangement to receive the Kalachakra teachings and initiation from HH Dalai Lama. Tsogyal repeated the same success in 2017 in Bodhgaya, India In private, Tsogyal is a practicing Buddhist spending personal time in retreats and attending frequent lectures by HH Dalai Lama and other Buddhist teachers.

Tsogyal firmly believes generosity, kindness and compassion makes THE WORLD A better place to live in. He is intentional about living by these principles and sharing them with others.