Kalachakra teaching and initiation

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Teaching in Mundgod, Tibetan Settlement, Karnataka, India.

14 days a Buddhist spiritual experience program launched by Soulful Tours in partnership with Drepung Gomang Likir Education Society,  This tour is a lifetime opportunity for everyone, not only to visit the sacred places but also to witness and experience directly the precious teachings on Tibetan Buddhism by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. More than a simple tour this can be considered as an experiential learning program with the objective to promote cultural exchange, deep understanding of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings and of the monastic life in “Tibetan Buddhist monk” India and also exposure to the socio-economic conditions and the culture of refugees’ Tibetan communities In India. This is a journey to awaken the pure soul inherent within each one of us by indulging in the teachings on Tibetan Buddhism by the learned scholar. Not only will you listen to the preaching but you will also have a rare chance to live in a monastery which will help you to experience peace within your-self.
You will participate in every morning prayer and meditation with monk , every evening penal discussion and offering prayer flags, which is considered as a very sacred tradition from centuries in Tibetan tradition. Still in today’s date Tibetan’s are following the same tradition of offering prayer flags on high places so to spread the scripted sacred mantras to the space and to once family, to uplift once luck and others too.The 14days exclusive Retreat tour in a monastery offers you a unique opportunity to shift to a more spiritual way of being through Tibetan Buddhism. With the guidance of your teacher you will have a very special chance to participate in two very important rituals of Tibetan Buddhism: the Green Tara Puja, which helps one in disturbing mind desiring to stay in peace, and chod rituals.
Use your time at monastery to refresh your mind and body far away from the hectic pace of city life.

Tour Date: 10th December – 23rd December 2019

Registration Deadline: 2019 – 10th – November; We have limited seat on this tour and our Reservation base on First come first serve.To hold your reservation seat, a non-refundable deposit of $400 USD per person must be deposited into our agency account by (wire) bank transfer or PayPal.


  1. To Attend His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Mundgod Tibetan settlement, Karnataka state, India
  2. To participate in the 600th anniversary celebrations of Je Tsongkhapa
  3. To attend a ceremony celebrating the marking of the 6-year implementation phase of the Emory Tibetan Science Initiative.
  4. Explore the Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Nunnery, Refugee camp and gain insight into local culture and beliefs.
  5. Circumambulation of the Monastery, Stupa and Mani wall to purify our negative karma and generate the seeds of enlightenment.
  6. Offering of prayer flags to spread the scripted sacred mantras to the space and to once family, to uplift once luck and others too
  7. Recapitulate the daytime teachings followed by discussion with Buddhist monk
  8. Waking up to a brewing cup of Tibetan herbal tea.
  9. Meditation to free oneself from disturbing mind with Buddhist monk
  10. Participate in Green Tara Puja, which helps one in disturbing mind desiring to stay in peace or solace.
  11. Participation in Chod Prayer withspecial ritual with chanting, music, prayers and offerings performed by Yogi

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