Kalachakra teaching and initiation

Who Teach Kalachakra


For those who aspire to engage in the practice of Kalachakra, it is important to establish a connection with an authentic Kalachakra teacher who is capable of guiding you through the complete Kalachakra system. It is therefore important to identify who are the holders of these teachings and where to find them.

The Kalachakra Initiation

The Kalachakra Path is fully integrated with the foundational practices of the sutra tradition of Buddhism as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha, but in order to practice Kalachakra, it is necessary to be formally invited, which is the primary purpose of taking an initiation.

As is evident, receiving an invitation to this great path is based on causes and conditions of both the receiver and the giver – simply attending the ceremony does not guarantee that one will receive true initiation. So too, the ceremony may form a connection to the path yet it is not the path.

One can liken Kalachakra initiation to receiving a seed for practice however it is the practitioner that plants, nurtures and cultivates the seed.

Qualified teachers for giving the Kalachakra initiation should have completed extensive practice (retreat) of the generation and completion stage practices. It is not enough simply to receive the initiation and then pass it on to others.